Heru GMail, Portable Email Client for Google Mail Based on Android

Email can not be separated from internet. Many email service providers on internet and the most popular is Google Mail. No internet users who don't use Google Mail. Many supporters service for Google Mail  especially email client for Google Mail, including today's popular mobile-based.

This time I post 
email client for Google Mail  app based on Android mobile that I have made. The app I named Heru GMailHeru GMail is portable, meaning users don't need to set accounts, but can directly login to Google Mail server through this app, as long as, they have a Google Mail account. Simple, I just want to give a purpose for ease of Google Mail users, anywhere and anytime.

Currently, I don't publish Heru GMail for public. But, I'll develop this app, so you can use it. And of course, It's FREE.

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