Post Card: The Plan for Everything

I once read an article about being a successful Real Estate Agent. In the article is said that "The plan for everything". It sounds simple, but I think it has a great meaning and significance to you as a Real Estate Agent.
Here I don't discuss how to be a successful Real Estate Agent. But, as I discuss here is one of the most important parts, Marketing.
And of course I didn't also discuss about the ways of marketing in Real Estate. Which I discuss here is the marketing component itself. Yes, this one is Post Card.
"Real Estate Post Card" which introduced yourself as a Real Estate Agent. I introduce my second Post Card Design, and I hope you are interested.

This design looks simple with bright colors. And I believe, every time people see it, it will create its own interest.
I think this is part of your original plan as a Real Estate Agent, choosing your design Post Card.
Thank you for being loyal readers Alversia. See you in the next article.
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Design for Real Estate Post Card

Hi, long time ago I did not update this blog. Today, I present again and try to provide something new and hopefully useful for all readers.

As a designer, I will keep trying to produce new works are creative and innovative.

This time, I will post a design Post Card with category
Real Estate or Home Selling. On this design, I chose a bright color, "red". In addition to red, I was also a little insert yellow or gold as color balance. Then I gave texture plaid, but could say no plaid as well. For text font, I chose simple.


Since this is a post card design, the focus here is the name of the owner's identity and pictures.

Lastly, I added some wallpapers related to Real Estate.

Thank you for being loyal readers Alversia.

You are interested in this design, please contact me at

Design a Flyer for an Entrepreneur's Financial Bootcamp

This is my flyer design for Women Empowerment big event. The flyer consists of two side with size 5x7 inches and has a color theme Emerald Green and Fuchsia Pink. The flyer is very engaging and visually attractive.

Design a Flyer for EPIC Software Development

This is my flyer design for a software company, EPIC Software development.

Heru GMail, Portable Email Client for Google Mail Based on Android

Email can not be separated from internet. Many email service providers on internet and the most popular is Google Mail. No internet users who don't use Google Mail. Many supporters service for Google Mail  especially email client for Google Mail, including today's popular mobile-based.

This time I post 
email client for Google Mail  app based on Android mobile that I have made. The app I named Heru GMailHeru GMail is portable, meaning users don't need to set accounts, but can directly login to Google Mail server through this app, as long as, they have a Google Mail account. Simple, I just want to give a purpose for ease of Google Mail users, anywhere and anytime.